Since we are living, let us live well.

Nature, culture, health, food and wine. Vivamus is an event that takes place on several dates during the summer, one for each county or municipality. The initiative involves communities and various associations and is meant to celebrate the traditions and customs typical of our land and our way of life, the “good life” that characterizes the Maremma. Each date is organized by local associations who choose what to offer visitors: local artists exhibitions, opening of historic places, authentic food and wine, folk music and folklore are just a few possibilites.

Vivamus 2016:

calendar download : A3-date-vivamus2016

30th April Poggio Murella


14th May Saturnia


21st May Poggio Capanne

vivamus capanne

18th June San Martino sul Fiora

vivamus sanmartino

25th June Montemerano

montemerano vivamus

2nd July Poderi di Montemerano

tortelli poderani

23rd July Marsiliana


6th August Manciano

vivamus manciano