ss annunziata


The exterior of the building was the site of an infamous historic event: the bandit Domenico Fioravanti, known as lieutenant Tiburzi, was photographed dead and tied to a ladder against the wall in what marked the end of banditry in the Maremma. The church was probably a rural chapel that with the expansion of the country was incorporated into the urban area in the 15th century. The original center was formed by a simple porch which was later walled and expanded, and in the apse there are frescoes dating between the 15th and 17th century. In 1875 the church was restored and l’Annunciazione by Pietro Aldi was added to the church and is now posted on the left wall. The painting was done in Rome, where Aldi was studying Raphael in the Vatican and had come into contact with pre-Raphaelite works, which affected his style and represents a more “purist” style of Renaissance painting.